Fantastic Start to the Spring Sturgeon Fishing Season

Spring Sturgeon Fishing Update

The spring sturgeon fishing has been excellent here on the Fraser River in Chilliwack, BC. We spent much of April hunting down sturgeon with clients from all over Canada. Often seen as a summer (fair weather) activity, sturgeon fishing can actually be done all year round and the spring season offers nice weather along with a very quiet river. Clients can enjoy excellent fishing whilst watching the hundreds of bald eagles that congregate on the Fraser and Harrison rivers in the winter months, chasing salmon runs.
Bald Eagle Feasting on Salmon
The Sturgeon are clearly eating very well as they have been feasting on the run of  Eulachons that entered the Fraser river late March, and this will continue through May. As the weather warms and the snow starts to melt the Fraser will begin to rise drastically over the next two months. This will spread the fish out, and push them into soft side channels and slow edges along the river.

Finding the Sturgeon

As we approach the summer months, the Fraser starts to drop, the salmon migration will begin and this will further spread the fish out up and down through the entire river system. In July/August we fish from Chilliwack to Hope more often than not. By choosing to fish spots with less pressure from competing Boats, going the extra mile to avoid the crowded sections of river, we find where the true giant white sturgeon live. “The salmon eaters” the biggest and baddest fish hide in this stretch of river and we know what they want to eat and where they are hiding.

Sockeye Salmon Run

We have had many meetings with the fishery authorities and they are predicting a run of 10 million sockeye salmon to begin migrating late June and run into September. As most of us know, we will not have a true grasp on the actual numbers of sockeye until they reach the straight of Georgia. This will be great for Sturgeon fishing! Lots of food always makes the fishing excellent.
If you are in the Vancouver, BC area and want to fish with us simply book online, pick the date that works for you and we will manage the rest.
Spring Sturgeon Fishing Fraser River
We look forward to fishing with you!
Head Guide/Owner