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The Man, the Myth, the Legend…..  meet the most passionate sturgeon guide on the Fraser River. Cpt Brandon lives, breathes, and sleeps fishing. He’d be doing this everyday by choice, but this way you get to share the magic. 

With over 20 years of experience on the Fraser and Chilliwack rivers, this man knows the fish and the rivers like the back of his hand.

He also cares about the fish, a lot. That’s why he’s one of a select few guides to be endorsed by the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society and a proud member of the white sturgeon tagging program that is vital to the conservation of this prehistoric species.

Brandon grew up fishing in Chilliwack on the Fraser river and it’s many Tributaries. For The last 25 years fishing has been his passion and since 2009 he’s been a professional guide, fishing with people from all over the planet. Being apart of the experience and delivering the best adventure is what he lives for and he’ll always ensure his clients get 110%. 

When not guiding you’ll find him with his kids scouting out the River catching bait, looking for the next best spot, passing on the knowledge, sharing the passion. 

Huge Salmon Vedder River



We’re delighted to be adding Owen to the roster of Mainlanders guides – a highly selective club! Owen (like his big cousin Brandon) is a fishing fanatic through and through. He’s been fishing the waters around his local Chilliwack since he could hold a rod and his passion for sturgeon, salmon and conservation is second to none.

When not guiding on the river, Owen can be found working at the local fish hatchery ensuring the health of salmon runs for generations to come.

Sturgeon Guide Owen

Passion. Experience. Service

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