Sturgeon Conservation - The Heart of Mainlanders

Sturgeon Conservation programs that help to protect the prehistoric white sturgeon and the species that make up this unique ecosystem are the foundation of everything Mainlanders stands for.

We are incredibly lucky to have this breathtaking landscape on our doorstep and we are 100% dedicated to preserving the magnificent white sturgeon fish for future generations.

We are one of the select few guides actively engaged in the White Sturgeon Conservation program that tags, tracks and monitors the health of the population in the Fraser River.

We actively encourage our guests to get involved with scanning and tagging fish on our trips for the ultimate in rewarding experiences.

Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack depends on environmental stewardship and responsible guiding practices that respect and protect the species that make up this incredible area.

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Fraser Valley Angling Guides

Ensuring that Anglers from around the world get the best opportunity to enjoy this world class fishery

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Fraser Valley Salmon Society

A non-profit society actively engaged in salmon conservation, habitat protection and angler rights

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Fraser River Sport Fishing Alliance

The collective voice of the Fraser River recreational sport fishing community


We are one of a select few guiding companies on the Fraser river licensed to the sturgeon conservation tagging program. On your trip you’ll get to take part in the important research through checking for and applying tags. 

Each tag contains essential data on each fish – their migrations, catch frequency, age estimates and more.

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White Sturgeon

The Fraser River is home to North America’s largest freshwater game fish – the white sturgeon. Our guides are dialed in and consistently hooking clients up with these magnificent, ancient fish. 

Sturgeon are explosive fighters – often jumping multiple times when you engage with them in a battle causing you to hang on for dear life. These fish are active feeders – not always scavengers but hunters of live prey. 

Virtually unchanged for 200 million years, Sturgeon are true living dinosaurs that can reach upwards of 15 feet in length and weigh up to 1800 pounds. An experience every fisherman/fisherwoman needs to cross off their bucket list. 

Sturgeon fishing really starts to heat up in early spring as the first food sources enter the river. The fishing remains great right until the end of November.


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Every year millions of salmon migrate up the Fraser River to their birth streams to complete the salmon life cycle – hatch, migrate, spawn and die.

 With this, the Mighty Fraser offers a host of  world class fishing opportunities. Here you will find chinook, sockeye, pink and coho salmon. Chinook salmon can weigh up to 50 lbs. 

We offer many different techniques to target salmon here: spey fishing, float fishing, fly fishing, bar fishing and spin fishing. Our salmon season usually starts early August and runs right till the middle of November. 

We will accommodate any style or skill level when it come to salmon fishing.